We are finalists!

Posted on 4th September 2018 by Stadium Grp.

September 25th will be a very exciting day for StadiumTM and Managing Director David McAtamney. It marks the date of the Coventry Telegraph Business Awards which the company shall attend as finalists for not only one…but two awards.

The annual event is one of Coventry’s must-go to events for businesses and entrepreneurs, on the night over 400 persons attend. The awards highlight companies and entrepreneurs that have innovated services, products and have brought an economic boost to the region.

Excellence in Industry celebrates companies that have made significant progressions in their respected industry, whilst impacting the local economy positively.

Business Entrepreneur of the Year looks to individuals that have some of the most successful businesses in the area and how they have developed the business to what it is today.

In 2019 StadiumTM will be in its’ tenth year of operation and this will be a wonderful milestone. A huge thank you and well done to everybody who has been here on the journey!