Traffic Management & Car Parking

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The company has been operating since 2009. StadiumTM’s first service provision was Traffic Management, it’s what we know and what we do.

Our qualified TM Staff are highly experienced in enacting road closures on busy public highways and managing traffic movement across diversion routes. At peak times of crowd flow we ensure pedestrian approach and exit routes are made safe before and after the event by implementing the necessary car park lock downs and road closures.

We understand our TM staff is the first port of call for customer enquiries, ranging from spectators, performers, athletes and VIPs. We train all our TM staff in recognised Customer Service qualifications to ensure the best customer experience.

At StadiumTM, we have the vehicles and equipment needed to tackle sites of varying types, terrain and size. We have managed traffic movements across busy city roads, public park areas and large expansive country-side fields. 

We have 24/7 accessible secured storage units across the UK holding radio equipment, cones and signage giving us the ability to adapt at short notice to changing client requirements and providing operational flexibility around the clock.

It is a rare luxury for parking space to be in abundance to an event. At StadiumTM we understand the client need for this space to be maximised. It’s a challenge we tackle successfully, week in, week out.

We provide trained, qualified and experienced banksmen to assist in the safe reversal of large vehicles in to confined spaces at designated areas around the event venue.

This can involve the management of large vehicle’s entering/egressing the event build site area, through to organising the park up of coach transport.

It’s a serious challenge and StadiumTM is the Car Parking service provider that has the know-how to implement the innovative entry/egress solutions needed. Our team possess effective communication skills and can operate under extreme pressure; with the ability to logically organize vehicles across the car park area in a safe manner.

At StadiumTM, we understand customers want their experience entering/exiting the site to be smooth, speedy and seamless. We go above and beyond that expectation.

Where we have been contracted, we have regularly managed to cut the exit times for spectators through our effective car park management.

We also understand our Car Park stewards are naturally a first port of call for customer enquiries. Our friendly stewards at StadiumTM are fully trained in customer service qualifications and will ensure the customer experience at both start and end points is a highly positive one.