Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Solutions

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HVM Barriers at the Fever-Tree Championships

Over the past two years a vehicle has become a common weapon for inciting terror. At StadiumTM we are in charge of creating safe spaces and we want to enforce and ensure that these spaces are protected to their maximum level. Current methods of Vehicle Mitigation are costly both in time and money, hinder pedestrian flow and can be restricting. So we decided to source the best solutions using our expertise in crowd and traffic management and incorporate the solution into our offering. We offer The ATG Access Surface Guard and Rosehill Security Rapid Defender. From us you can hire the most cost effective equipment, installed by a specialist team, at an affordable price as part of a wider integrated services package.

The ATG Access Surface Guard

Certified IWA 14.

The product has been fully tested by MIRA and can take the impact of a 7,200kg lorry travelling at 32 kmph. A second impact test has been completed with the impact of a 2,500kg vehicle at 48kmph.

The system is modular in its design – each module is 1 metre wide. The barrier system itself is transported in on pallets on a 7.5 ton lorry.

The design of the barrier protects whilst aesthetically not imposing for event attendees.

Due to the modular design it can maintain permeable access for all; pedestrians, cyclists, pushchairs and police horses! Authorised emergency vehicles are able to enter or exit the protected area, through a vehicle access point.

The barrier is very cost effective as it can be installed and removed on the day of the event itself as opposed to days or weeks in advance.

The barrier has been deployed to the following clients and locations:

  • Manchester United
  • Burnley FC
  • Parliament Square
  • Stockton-on-Tees Fireworks
  • Paternoster Square, London

Rosehill Security Rapid Defender

A temporary security barrier the Rapid Defender is designed to protect crowds from Hostile Vehicle Attacks. It is a mobile, modular surface mounted system that is 65% lighter than concrete solutions. This is physical deterrent which is quick and easy to deploy, with no special tools or equipment required. Weighing 49kg the product is manufactured from recycled rubber. The height of the product is 60cm.

The speed to which the equipment can be deployed was proven at the London Marathon where our teams installed 13m of the barrier in just 5 minutes!”