Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month

Posted on 2nd November 2017 by Stadium Grp.

Brought in by the Obama administration, November is recognised as the Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month, overseen by the U.S department of Homeland Security. In today’s world security and resilience is at the top of people’s priority lists. It only takes a severe storm or a prolonged power outage to demonstrate how important critical infrastructure is to us and our society. Ensuring the security and resilience through plans and correct measures is key to prevention or deterring extensive damage taking place. The landscape has changed drastically with not only physical infrastructures being target but cyber technological infrastructures also.

In this sector of sport & events creating successful partnerships and working with stakeholders is paramount to the reinforcement and support of these two factors. This requires strong ties between private and public sector companies and organisations.

A number of points to highlight and acknowledge ensuring security and resilience remain at the forefront of private and public minds are…

  • Knowledge and information exchange between the two sectors being trusted and protected.
  • Supporting each other in full confidence, working with and not against.
  • Assessing and recognising threats, risks and making sure these are communicated throughout the sector or clientele.
  • Educate and promote security and resilience throughout the planning procedures and execution.
  • Innovating and producing effective but cost friendly methods of protection.
  • Updating on new measures and improving both the organisations and the fan/event attendee’s experience.

Here at StadiumTM the security and resilience of protecting the physical infrastructures of our clients and events is our passion and a focus we are continuing to expand on. Our most recent addition of the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation barriers aims to provide a security and adds to the resilience of our clients’ contingency plans in the case of threat or emergency. Through innovation, security and resilience will be heightened and safer spaces will continue to be created for all.