Wolverhampton Wanderers & End of Season Promotion Parade

The 2017/18 season was our very first season with the Wolverhampton Wanderers. A very successful one for ourselves and for the club as they were promoted to the Premiership going into the 2018/19 season!

StadiumTM established a relationship with the club by providing Stewards and SIA security personnel from July 2017; we provided this service throughout the season for each match.



In October the club, with support from the Wolverhampton Council approached StadiumTM to implement and provide Traffic Management (TM) services on every match day.

Waterloo Road was the site of the major road closure. The closure provided challenges however they were met by StadiumTM. Major challenges were ensuring the Waterloo Car Park was closed 90 minutes prior to kick off. The closure meant supporters were to arrive and park there 90 minutes before kick-off. This change was the first ever for supporters and it required change management.

Additionally a neighbouring supermarket car park and store was to be kept open and accessible, so our TM planners altered the design of the plan accordingly.

Overall the new TM plan was very successful and has improved the safety of the match day experience for all Wolverhampton Wanderers fans. For every fixture we provided 65 staff members to meet the requirements on Traffic Management, Stewards & Licensed Security Officers.

Promotion Parade

Our work with the council and club did not finish at the final whistle of the last home game!

Due to the success of the Match Day TM plan and Stewarding, a number of our services were used by the Wolverhampton Council for the Wolverhampton Wanderers Promotion Parade!


We provided:

  • Operated and led the open top bus route
  • Secured the city centre with our HVM Barrier solutions
  • Operated the TM for the city wide event.

The HVM Barrier deployment was the largest temporary deployment in the UK to date. 130m of ATG Access Surface Guard was deployed in six locations surrounding the city centre. This secured the space and allowed 80 000 event attendees to enjoy the event in a safe space.

Our stewards, operations managers and TM Truck led the two open top buses through the city, the atmosphere was incredible and it was a fantastic event to be a part of.



“StadiumTM are well known in Wolverhampton for their valuable work ensuring that football fans can safely access the Molineux to watch Wolves play. When we began planning the parade to celebrate Wolves winning the Championship, it soon became clear that we needed the services of a traffic management company. Stadium TM’s demonstration of their Surface Guard system and experience in open-top bus parades reassured us that they would help protect the 80,000 people who attended the event. We’re very grateful to Stadium TM for their hard work and fast responses to the quickly changing plans.”Colin Parr, Head of Business Services. Wolverhampton City Council.