Godiva Festival, Coventry

2014 – present

StadiumTM was responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the site’s vehicle traffic flowing in to and out of the site via a one-way traffic management system. StadiumTM worked alongside key providers such as the police, emergency services and council representatives. We were responsible for enacting council-approved temporary road closures on public highways as part of a wider traffic management plan.

StadiumTM’s remit included ensuring over 3000 cars parked in an orderly fashion in the designated car park field and could egress from the park in an efficient and safe manner. The Godiva music festival itself is a free event provided by Coventry Council and has been running for the last 15 years. The year of 2014 saw record attendances, with 125,000 park visits made over the course of the 3 day event; with a peak attendance of 20,000 at 10pm on the 5th July with headline act Happy Mondays performing. The event itself was adjudged a complete success.

Post-Event, StadiumTM met with Coventry City Council’s Events Production Manager for a debriefing where StadiumTM provided detailed feedback on the overall operation, highlighting areas that could be improved and suggesting innovative solutions that could possibly be implemented for the following annual event.