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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barriers

Are you responsible for the safety and welfare of those within crowded spaces at your site? Have you considered whether your existing measures are sufficient to prevent a hostile vehicle attack? A series of attacks over recent years using this crude form of weapon have placed the issue at the forefront of safety risk assessments across multiple industries. So we decided to source the best solutions using our expertise in crowd and traffic management and incorporate these in to our offering. So now you can hire the most cost effective equipment, installed by a specialist team, at an affordable price as part of a wider integrated services package. To protect crowds whose safety you are responsible for.

The HVM barriers we use are temporary but robust systems and have been fully tested at MIRA.

If working on a public road, we will use our traffic management services to initially close off the road under TTRO, enabling a safe area for the barrier “build site”. The system is modular in its design – each module is 1 metre wide. The barrier system itself is transported in on pallets on a 7.5 ton lorry.

The system works by impaling an oncoming vehicle on to a hidden steel spear. Upon impact, this would penetrate the vehicle and severely damage the engine and tyres and effectively disable the vehicle.

Because of its modular design, we can continually maintain permeable access for pedestrians/cyclists whilst building. When facing towards the front of the barrier, our operatives will slot modules in, one by one, from right to left. After each module is installed this can be safely opened to access for pedestrians. In case of emergency vehicles being needed to enter or exit the barrier area the spear and outer casing can be dropped in less than 30 seconds.

The spear is hidden by a soft edged plastic encasement for the benefit of pedestrians and cyclists. In terms of installation periods, 14m of the equipment can be installed within 20 minutes by a fully trained team.